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About Us.

Our Mission

Disabled helpers is a pool of disabled people who are providing guidance and solutions for the day to day issues/problems to the needy people. This service is provided by the disabled person free of cost. The Mission of this organization is to motivate and make use of the knowledge, experiences, expertise,  inner strength of the disabled persons in growth & development of society and help them in regaining the Self respect.

Usually when people see the disabled person, they just show sympathy and don’t expect anything great from that person. We are here to prove that we also can bring a lot of positivity, inspiration and change in the society with our knowledge and involvement in various subjects/events of life,

Our Programs

Currently, We are providing free help in resolving your computer related problems and supports the spinal-cord injury people with our knowledge. So if you have any problem with your computers, please  give us a chance to help you before spending lots of money on it.

Also if you or anyone of your known person has got spinal-cord injury than we are here to guide you with our in-depth knowledge about it.

Just contact us from our Facebook page or send a message from our contact form or just click the “call me” button on the right side to speak to us on skype.

Call Us

Just click on the call me button, and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

(** you must have skype installed on your device while making the call)


Thanks for giving us an opportunity to help you!

* If you don’t have Skype ID, please Click here to download and install Skype. it’s free.

Get Involved

There are several ways in which you can get involved and help us raise awareness of the campaign.

By spreading the word about our website. So that more and more people can take advantage of our helping hands.

By joining us : “if you are considered disabled, and have the urge for helping people with your knowledge and time free of cost then send Your details through the contact us form”.

By sponsoring us for the  various costs involved in running the website, providing various software/hardware/trainings/books etc to the disabledhelpers.


From only this website and the help of people from this website I was able to make my laptop work again .. otherwise i thought i have to throw it …. These people are highly skilled in IT … they can save ur money n most importantly ur time.

Krishnan Kumar

These people are like Angels to me. Without their support, i must have wasted lots of my time and money to keep my laptop up and running without any issue. Kudos to them for their excellent guidance and help. Truely speaking i found them better than many paid support people. I have developed a deep level of respect for what these disabled people are doing. I salute them.


Your thoughtfulness always makes my days a little brighter, and problems seem a whole lot smaller. I’m lucky that you’re so skilled in IT related issues. I can’t resolve problems of my laptop without you. You have shown me a new path to help people….. 🙂 A friend like more then google 🙂

Alok Gaur

Thank you so much for being so special,so thoughtful and so kind.Honestly people like you are truly hard to find . May the Lord bless you abundantly 😉

S. Gasela 

I’m a Nursing graduate and a licensed Midwife in our country. Not good with this thing called Laptop. But through this group, I have learned basic computer knowledge w/out enrolling any computer related course. They taught me on how to restore, uninstall, download, delete/remove certain files, save, transfer data, etc. All free of charge by using their service. Always available to help anytime 24/7. And now, so proud to say that I’m no longer a “computer illiterate”… Mabuhay!

28 August 2011 

A Very nice initiative from a brave heart. People like you make this world a easier place to live.

Sujit Mahapatra
13 November 2011

It feels so very good and exciting to catch up with technology even when one thought would never be able to achieve or even be able to use a computer. I say THANK YOU in a big way for teaching me all the technology. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

Judith kumbukani
28 November 2011

Thanks for the wonderful person who has a good heart and knowledge and willing to help me and other people to sort out the computer for computer now is fantastic.God will bless u always.

Vilma Costales Saguirre

No words could express how happy I am. Thanks for your time and help. Your proficiency in the field you have choosen is absolutely great and unwavering. Now my Computer is better than before. Keep it up. May God continue to shower more blessings on your website and to everyone involved… c”,)



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  • Please click on the Facebook symbol above and visit our Facebook page through which we are helping everyone :
      • By suggesting and resolving various issues shared with us by people from all over the world through the  Facebook messages.
      • By posting various important information about what new is happening in the healthcare sector to help us in coming out of various disabilities (physical as well as mental disabilities).
      • By organizing various events and posting the videos and webinars presented by our team members, Facebook members and followers.

** If you like what we are doing than Please  Don’t forget to click on “Like button” when you visit our Facebook page so that more and more people get benefited By our free services.

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